Appearances run deep. If you feel what you look like on the outside is not authentic to what you feel on the inside – you are in the right place.


Welcome. Faith Style is a company that takes you through a unique process by which I apply fresh and modern principles to all aspects of your Style. It is my goal to help you to refine your image so it is authentic to your life and reflective of your true essence. Style comes from knowing who you are now. Style is personal, it is the way you express your culture, your identity, your passions and your spirit. I will help to guide you to your Signature Style and build your Style confidence.

How do you get started?

  1. First sign up for the Faith eNewsletter to get tons of style tips delivered to your inbox monthly and be entered to win a $100 Faith Style Gift Certificate
  2. Next, read the page “Is this for Me?” to find out who really benefits from my approach.
  3. If you are really excited already, request a complimentary Style Session to get clear on your Style Goals and how Faith can help



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