I learnt about coco+kelley a few weeks ago and I’m absolutely hooked. I love it because it’s real, authentic and her style & approach is unique and elegant. Cassandra Lavalle, founder and creator of coco+kelley combined her talent for interiors with an eye for fashion and design, into the lifestyle company coco+kelley in October 2008.  Her desire to guide clients in discovering their personal style as a part of the design process became the essence of the coco+kelley philosophy: Life is in the details. Style accordingly.

With a background in public relations and event design, Cassandra’s first styling experience came with a serendipitous stint as a Market Editor for a local home and garden magazine. Reinspired to follow her passions, Cassandra launched the style blog, coco+kelley, in 2007.

Image from coco+kelley

Exploring trends in fashion, decor and color, the blog quickly grew and began receiving praise from national magazine editors and loyal readers who described the content as chic, charming, and original. After several readers approached her to design their own homes and weddings, Cassandra seized the opportunity and officially opened coco+kelley for business.

Image from coco+kelley

Bringing a fresh and sophisticated eye to homes across the country, coco+kelley’s interior design process encourages clients to discover their personal style by defining their everyday inspirations and translating them into spaces they love.

Whether mixing vintage pieces full of character with clean modern lines, contrasting organic textures with glamourous accents, or pairing up unexpected color combinations, the outcome is always an original and cultivated space that reflects the client’s inherent style.

What a better way to express your personal style than through your home, ensuring that you are true to who you are in every aspect of your life. I get great pleasure from reading Cassandra’s blog and draw inspiration from her talent, passion and authenticity.