Confidence is captivating; it is powerful; and it does not fade – and that is endlessly more interesting than being a certified fashionista. The first and most important step in developing a new or refined style is to project the kind of confidence you exude when you’re at your very best. The kind of confidence that will tell others that you respect yourself, love yourself and dress up for yourself and nobody else.

When you express your own personal style you exude this kind of confidence. To help you discover what your style may be, you need to know what inspires you – what colours you love, what images draw you in and the things that attract you. Create an inspiration board one that holds all the things that make your heart flutter. Analyze it looking for words, patterns and keys that may unlock the “uniqueness” each of us possesses.

“Know, first who you are, and then adorn yourself accordingly.” – Epictetus, Greek philosopher

Once you’ve identified your direction you need to embrace your body, learn about your shape and what you should do to show off its assets while camouflaging your flaws. Let balance and proportion be the guiding spirit. Type “Figure Formula” into the Faith Style search bar for a breakdown on your shape. Next is colour. Are you a warm tone or cool tone? Warm-toned individuals tend to look alive and healthy while wearing earthy colors, such as oranges, bronzes, golds, peaches, brick reds, earthy greens, mocha browns and ivory. They look best in yellow-based colors. Cool-toned people look best in jewel tones such as vibrant emerald green, royal or icy blues, rosy pinks, silvers, plums, and pure white. Blue-based colors look best. An easy test is to ask yourself, what colour do you get the most compliments on? What colour makes you feel really good when you wear it? And take your cue from there.

The last and best part is to play. Take the afternoon, turn on your favourite music, invite a friend, open a bottle of wine and start dressing up. Take photos as you go, making your very own look book.

A great style is equal parts consistency & diversity. Without consistency, it’s just clothes; without diversity, it’s a cul de sac. Adhering to a particular theme can be good – mod, boho, avant-garde – but don’t limit yourself to just one particular look, cut, silhouette or palette. It’s ok to throw in some fun, unexpected pieces, and just because you’ve never worn it before, doesn’t mean you can’t ever!

Remember: Style is not a chemical element that can be simply discovered. Eternal style is a complex concoction of ideas, simmered on low fire and perfected over time. It is a result of an agile mind.

*As written for Pretty Savvy