Overwhelmed by the loss of your touch;
Your sweet scent, moist kiss,
And gentle smile
Reminds me of a magical time shared.

Overwhelmed by the loss of your kiss;
I am filled with a sad loneliness,
That cloaks me in a dark blanket
Of a Starless night;
An Isolated Drifter over black waters.

Oh, let me return to your side lover.
I ache with yearning heat,
Muscle spasms in angst of lack,
Of your body so joined with mine.

Hearts dream of beating in,
Musical symphony of sacred union.
Ecstasy in breathing rhythms inhaling,
Deeper triggering points of divine orgasm.
Sleep allows joined exhalations of blissful rest,
in arms loving hold.

Angels of time I affirm to you now,
Ride your master quickly.
He who bears the clock,
Answer me now.
I ask for aid with my love’s separation.

Allow the truth of this gathering,
Beauty from my twin flame’s gifts,
And Male and Female strengthening;
To ease our minds,
And our worries,
about reunion and futures flow.

Oh Lover,
Listen to the light as it will be easy.
Trust my love in this simple truth.
Options amount for our dreams,
Colors will sparkle with light,
And stars will again dance
To light the way in the night.

Visualize my lover, our reunion in perfection.
And together we strengthen,
The power of our desired reality.
Dream what you wish to be in spirit,
As your beauty can be that colorful.

Oh Lover,

It will be easy.
As easy as it was to love you,
It will be to return to your side.
To be in our bed and to wake to our sun,
Our wind in this dream world.

Gaze upon me naked from where you lie.
Elevate my soul with your loving kiss.
Melt my heart with loves steaming touch to my bosom.
And I will let it be so.

Know the power of our will,
Will move mountains and swell rivers.
Your single longing gaze,
Arms entangled in passion,
Lips in sweet interchange,
Melts my heart in longing,
To heights angels dream of,
And Eagles wish to soar.

Again I wait for u.
With speed come.

The Words of Lady Sammy