“Authenticity is energizing, economical, and efficient. The better you know yourself, the clearer your choices. Self-awareness leads to true style.” Carrie & Danielle

Find Your Key Item

A key item is the central piece your outfit will be based around. It can be anything – shoes, a dress, a necklace – the only criteria is it must be something you really, really love!

Build Around Your Key Item

Take a look around your wardrobe – is there anything that complements your key item? Do you have a belt that goes well with this purse? Or a dress that looks fabulous with these boots? Put it on. Continue adding more pieces that work well with your ensemble. If you don’t see any obvious matches, start trying stuff on at random – you might come across something unusual and fresh!

Some basic rules … neutrals go with EVERYTHING. Neutral colors include tan, beige, gray, brown, black, white, and navy.

“How do I know if something ‘works’?”
This would depend purely on your personal style and your vision. If you’re unsure of your personal style listen to your gut. With time, you will learn to trust yourself and your eye.

Sometimes you may simply not have the right item to bring it all together. When this happens, you can either put the outfit on hold and finish it later, once you have the item, or substitute it with something else.

Add an Element of Surprise or your “Signature”

What’s the difference between a good outfit and a great one? A great outfit has a hook, something that makes it memorable and sets it apart from the rest! Once you have most of your outfit together, look for something bold and unexpected to offset the equation! Something you’d never normally consider, like cobalt blue shoes in an otherwise white/gray ensemble, or a large chunky necklace in an otherwise simple understated outfit. Adding the unusual will make your outfit look more interesting.

To have style, there must be an emotional and physical connection and passion to the clothes you buy and own.

*As written for Pretty Savvy