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So we’re about seven weeks into 2010, and this is the time that many of us start to drop off on the goals or resolutions we set for ourselves at the beginning of the year.  Whether we blame our workload, personal responsibilities or the weather, the reality is that staying on track with our long-term goals is not always easy.  I don’t want this year to be like every other for you, so I’ve put together some tips and strategies to help you stay motivated.

1.     Remind yourself.  First and foremost, remember why you’re doing it.  Motivation is much stronger than willpower, especially in the long-term.  This means that you need to have a strong goal that motivates you.  It should also be visible and top of mind every day – out of site means out of mind.  So find a picture or image, or just write it down somewhere where you can see it every day.  This will motivate you to make choices aligned with your goal on a consistent basis.

2.     Book it.  Here’s the thing…. If it doesn’t get scheduled, it doesn’t get done.  With our lives as hectic as they are, we have to schedule everything, from doctors’ appointments, to lunches with girlfriends to carpool and driving the kids to hockey practice.  The same goes with your goals.  You must get into the habit of putting your action steps into your calendar – this includes gym time, meetings, as well as personal time for reading, writing, research or brainstorming.  Still can’t find time for your goals?  Consider this – we make time for what we value.  Re-evaluate where you spend your time.  This will help you find an additional hour or two in your week for the things that mean the most to you.

3.    Narrow your focus.  While multi-tasking seems to be the new standard for our lives and many of us proudly talk about our ability to do dozens of tasks at the same time, studies are showing that we may be doing more, but the quality of our output is actually diminishing.  We are so used to trying to do everything at once, many of us try to tackle too many goals at once too.  If you find you are trying to do too much or change too much at once, you need to narrow your focus.  Pick the one thing that’s most important to you and only focus on that one thing for the next 1-2 months.  Once you have created momentum, you can re-evaluate your capacity to move onto goal number 2.  It may seem initially like you are doing less, but you will accomplish much more.

4.     Ask for help.  Contrary to what you may believe, you don’t need to do it on your own.  In fact, I want you to remember that most successful people have others around them that have helped them to succeed.  So stop trying to be a hero and do it yourself.  There’s nothing wrong with you, it may just be that you haven’t found the right support system that works for you.  Consider your options – friends, family, community groups, mastermind groups, coaches, coaching programs, courses, mentors.  If you haven’t tried this yet and are not where you want to be, I encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and ask for help.

Giving up is not an option.  Staying the same is not an option.  Pick just one of the above strategies, re-commit to your goals and get going!

Before you know it, we will have made it through February, spring will be just around the corner and you will be that much closer to reaching your goals!

To your health and happiness,
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Victoria Joanna