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A beautiful temptress
Who has us in a trance
Greets us at the entrance

“Welcome child
Welcome man and woman
To the carnival of wild

Enter The World of fantasy
The turf of the soothsayers
And grimoire”

Enchanting music everywhere
A violin here, a mandolin there
A tambourine and flute to spare

Come across a pair of dancers
These buskers who are The Lovers indeed
Such tenderness expressed by these prancers

Many wearing masks
Clowns and pirates and venetian masks
And Judgment in their actions they lack

The Fool drinking his elixir of immortality
Mischievously grins
At Death who sits and waits patiently

“Come in, come in further”
Charms the soothsayer
“For I am no pocket slayer”

“What is it that you seek
Oh Sweet spectator?
I can hear your thoughts, no need to be meek”

“It is The Star” says I
“That will illuminate my path
And cease The Hermit lie

What is the answer to my prayer?
Temperance I no longer have”
“Cease to be the spectator” says the soothsayer

Continue to explore this carnival and more
Visit the High Priestess who chants her lore
Such power she will make you roar!

Children play The Tower game
Use many cards but don’t let them fall
This brought The Magician much fame

And Justice never sleeps
On everyone a weary eye she keeps
As malice never leaps

The Devil and the Hierophant
Are not preaching on this day
Too busy dancing the same and who says they can’t?

The carnival ignites with fervor
The Moon rises on the horizon
Use your Strength wisely and do not wither

The parade of floats begins
With damsels in gorgeous garments
Like the ones seen in midnight dreams

The Chariot with encrusted jewels
Carries the Emperor and Empress
Carnival royalty rules

But with beauty doesn’t always come the warming
On the next float is The Hanged Man
Who serves as a warning

Life is nothing but a Wheel of Fortune
It can dance to your own tune
And it can end your luck too soon

As The Sun fast approaches
Bid adieu to this eventide
And leave with no reproaches

Study the insight
Nurture the wisdom
The seers have spoken and leave us tonight

Valery Santillana