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Erica Ehm is the Founder and Editor-in-chief of YummyMummyClub.ca – the online destination for modern moms looking for adult stimulation.

Erica is one of Canada’s most recognized personalities, having started her career in the mid-80’s as the voice of her generation on MuchMusic. Her multimedia resume includes acting, award winning songwriter, playwright, author, journalist and most importantly, The Yummy Mummy Club.

What is a Yummy Mummy?

Yummy is a state of mind.

A true Yummy Mummy struggles to find the impossible balance between the single sexpot she used to be, the woman she’s become, the professional she works hard to be, the wife she aspires to be and the mother she has to be. Basically, she’s confused and exhausted.

So, what’s this club thing all about?  It’s a place where you can celebrate and commiserate the rollercoaster ride of modern mummydom, win great prizes, find books to stimulate your brain and read eclectic and cheeky articles written for and by other yummy mummies…because mummy needs to play too.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Erica for the premier article of the Stylish Mama’s series. Erica shares her thoughts on Style, Fashion and being true to YOU.

S: Why do you think Style is important?

E: Style is important because it’s a way of communicating how you feel about yourself. It also is a visual representation of who you are.

S: What are your secrets to Authentic Style? How do you stay true to yourself, while running a household, business and raising children?

E: I always dress for myself. I don’t try and copy anyone else’s style – however I do incorporate aspects of someone’s look into my look. As far as being busy and having style – ok – you caught me, I’m often still in my pajamas, hair unbrushed, working away on my computer. When I have to go out for work, I can pull a look together quickly because I tend to re wear the same outfits over and over. I’ve been told I “clean up real good and real fast”.

S: What are the items in your life that you absolutely couldn’t live without?

E: I love stretchy jeans, high black boots and black blazers of all different lengths and a minimizer bra. That’s my staple wardrobe.

S: What are your newest obsessions?

E: I love jeans – Not Your Daughters Jeans, I love my H&M highwaisted skinny jeans. I am obsessed with finding jeans that are comfortable, very stylish but don’t enhance my muffin top.

S: Do you have any exciting news you’d like to share with us? Or can you share what you’re inspired to do next?

E: I’m excited that I get to work with amazing women from coast to coast to create YummyMummyClub.ca – most of us working in our Pajamas during the day as we all work from our home offices. In terms of new programs, I’m excited to be launching a really fashionable promotion with Dell computers to connect style with technology in a really fun way for moms. Stay tuned for that really soon!!

Are you in need of a Style Makeover? If you spend more time shopping for diapers than shoes and your idea of high fashion is a t-shirt with no stains, you need to enter this contest. The Yummy Mummy Club and Faith Style are teaming up and giving away a package of Signature Style Sessions valued at $500! I will work with you to help develop your personal Yummy Mummy Style, identify your body type, teach you how to camouflage your challenge areas, and discover your individual colour palette.

Also, ‘cuz shopping with a friend is way more fun, your favourite gal pal will get to share in the experience and have a Wardrobe Detox of her own – an additional $250 in value!

It’s a prize that’ll have you looking stylishly chic instead of a school-run-mum.  ‘Cuz somewhere underneath the sweatpants and spit up is the woman you used to be.

This yummy prize consists of 4 one-on-one sessions with me, I will:

Help develop your personal Yummy Mummy Style
Identify your body type
Teach you how to camouflage your challenge areas
Discover your individual colour palette
Go through your closet for a Wardrobe Detox
Teach you how to shop strategically
Put together outfits that suit your style, budget and body

To enter the contest, visit www.yummymummyclub.ca, upload a photo of yourself, and tell us why you need a makeover! Mummy most desperately in need of a makeover will be chosen by a combination of our style panel and votes from your yummy peers.

Yummy Rules and Regs:
You must be a Yummy Mummy Club member to win.
Click here to join the club! It’s free and filled with perks. Contest open to Southern Ontario residents only.
Members can enter once a day! Entries accepted until June 3rd, 2010.
Uploaded photo must be in JPG or GIF format!