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I will be taking a bit of a hiatus for the next little while. Lots going on and the changes are a good thing. I will share more when I’m back full-time but for now here is a snippet of the project I’m working on for Fall 2010.

The Real Beauty Journey

Usually most of us feel at peace and our happiest when we’re on vacation whether it’s in front of a beautiful ocean or in another country exploring a foreign culture. Truly experiencing beauty at it’s very core.

What if we were privileged to encounter beauty in it’s purest form everyday?

On January 1, 2011 I’m starting my journey to seek out beauty in it’s real form. Not the air brushed photo of a popular model or obtaining the coveted iPhone (which I’m guilty of having). For 365 days I’m going to search out all forms of beauty and share my discoveries with you.

Beauty could be the generous woman I saw (who cared enough) bring the homeless man on the street a cup of coffee and timbits, could be the poem I heard a spoken words artist perform or a picture of a far away landscape that made my soul dance.

Why am I doing this? I’m doing this because I believe if we surround ourselves with honest beauty from the real world we’d be more apt at projecting that same humanity more often out to the universe. And also because we’ve lost something in today’s society. With the addiction to speed and the need to move at a fast pace it’s unfortunately taken over our lives leaving little or no time for the meaningful things we used to cherish. The one thing I’ve learned in my lifetime is that the little things in life matter the most.

Stay turned for more information on my upcoming project and how you can get involved. Enjoy the summer and be sure to take a step back every so often to reflect on the beauty you’ve been privliged to experience.