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Trying to eat healthy can be very time-consuming! Over the weekend I cut up and washed some fruits/veggies for our lunch for the week. Making a salad is easy when all you have to do is throw in the ingredients you want. I added some cooked chicken breast on top.
Keep everything ready in tupperware, so it’s ready to go!

(from top to bottom):

  • strawberries
  • avocado
  • cranberries
  • chickpeas
  • goat cheese
  • grape tomatoes
  • sliced almonds

Tip: when cutting your avocado, slice with the peel on. Once you are ready to eat, take a spoon and slice the avocado off the peel into your salad!

Also, make sure you add protein-I topped this salad with chicken breast. To change it up, I also like steak slices on my salad. Finish it off with your favorite low fat dressing. Sesame Asian is my current fav :)