Monthly Archives: December 26, 2016

Creating a Perfect Brow

Beauty for this season couldn’t be any easier. One common denominator you’ll see with all designers Spring 2010 collections is the makeup trend. All have clean and simple faces, nude lips, smudged barely there eyeliner and the most importantly defined natural looking eyebrows. The unfortunate part is not all of us are blessed with the…read more

DIY Facial

Everyone deserves to be spoiled sometimes, and a DIY facial is a perfect way to do it! Not only do you look fabulous, you feel fabulous and you have that “glow” that we’re all looking for. The best part, you get some good quality me time that is definitely well earned after a hard week…read more

Vanity sizing and the modern woman

One of the coolest phrases I’ve heard a stylist utter is what Safina tells her clients who don’t like the number on their clothing tag. What she means is, instead of thinking of your dress size in terms of a number, ie., “I’m a 10”, just buy what fits and if the number bothers you,…read more

Quick & Easy Fix to Hemming Your Pants

A quick and easy fix so that you pants can work with every shoe in your closet! It is an adhesive snap hem that allows you to simply SNAP under your long hem for flats & UNSNAP to slip back into heels. You can change your shoes, not your pants, to get the look you…read more

Your Style At Every Stage

For those of us without a natural love of shopping, it can be easy to drift into the scary depths of style lag. What’s style lag? It’s when you’ve found yourself with a closetful of clothes and a look that’s just not right for where you’re at in your life right now. It happens to…read more

The Style Confidence Challenge

There are some key things that every woman can do to make a shift in her life. Things that will affect her mood, change her stance and open up her style. At a recent event I hosted I gave the attendees the following challenge, don’t worry its fun! These small changes will make a huge…read more

Getting Creative with Your Style

Style is meant to be a fun process, in which you can take it upon yourself to do just about anything. Not sure what your style is exactly? Or maybe your lifestyle has changed and you’re not the Chic Urbanite you once were. The best way to forge a path to your new Signature Style…read more