Getting Creative with Your Style

Style is meant to be a fun process, in which you can take it upon yourself to do just about anything. Not sure what your style is exactly? Or maybe your lifestyle has changed and you’re not the Chic Urbanite you once were. The best way to forge a path to your new Signature Style is the process of discovery.

Opting into in a few fun activities to get your creative juices flowing will do just the trick.
Go on a sensory shopping experience and become a connoisseur for your unique beauty. Here are some of my favourite style hunting activities.
1. Visit a museum; notice what catches your eye. Maybe that translates into a new colour palette.
2. Go to your local fabric store, play with pattern. Maybe you pick up a unique fabric for a one-of-a-kind dress.

3. Attempt a DIY project, get crafty. Maybe that turns out to be your signature element.
4. Venture into a vintage boutique, discover a story. Maybe that opens up the door to a new passion.
What do you adore? What do you love? Let your interests lead to your style. Have faith in the process. You may not find an entire outfit that communicates your style. But you will find something that makes your heart sing, your eyes see fireworks and your soul do a happy dance.

Take that as a Style Sign. Maybe you come across a beautiful vintage rhinestone brooch that you can’t take your eyes off of…ask yourself what about it do you love so much? It is the fact that it has a story? Does it have clean lines? Does it sparkle? Come up with 3 adjectives that represent it. Take those words and look for the same qualities in a blouse or skirt. Once you’ve found a selection of items that communicate those core adjectives, the second step is making sure there is some contradiction/conflict. A little drama always sparks the curiosity of others. If there is flow add some structure, if the outfit is predominantly black add a punch of colour.

Step three is putting the effort into the details. Your fragrance, jewelry, accessories, makeup and hair all unify your look making it more interesting.
Take a deeper look, explore the meanings and venture outside the box to create something unique. Translate that into a wearable outfit that emulates your essence and is an authentic representation of your soul

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