The Style Confidence Challenge

There are some key things that every woman can do to make a shift in her life. Things that will affect her mood, change her stance and open up her style. At a recent event I hosted I gave the attendees the following challenge, don’t worry its fun! These small changes will make a huge impact on you .

How many times have we vowed to go to the gym come January, to ignore the fast food drive-thru in our rush to get to the next appointment, or even promised ourselves to do better, be better? I’m guilty of every one of those broken promises, so this year I have two fabulous suggestions. First, make a choice, not a resolution.
Instead of signing a contract with your superego, reach out with your heart. Second, choose to honor yourself by focusing on your style, boosting your confidence and choosing to feel fabulous. Test out my challenge for one week ONLY and notice the changes in yourself and in your life, then decide for yourself, has it made a difference in your world?

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