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For those of us without a natural love of shopping, it can be easy to drift into the scary depths of style lag. What’s style lag? It’s when you’ve found yourself with a closetful of clothes and a look that’s just not right for where you’re at in your life right now. It happens to the best of us. The years slip by, and suddenly you’ve gone through a life change. Maybe you’ve graduated from college, and your drawers full of tank tops don’t exactly make you look and feel like the young professional you are. Or, maybe you’ve come to middle age, and you’re not ready for mom jeans, but the current fads aren’t designed for women who are a little older. Evaluating your personal style at every stage of your life will keep you looking and feeling your best, and help prevent this dreaded style lag.

While the clothes you have from five years ago might still be functional, they probably don’t reflect the authentic you and where you’re at right now in your life. Clothes are a huge part of how we view ourselves, and the face we show to the world. While that face doesn’t have to be incredibly expensive or updated every three months, holding onto a look that doesn’t reflect who you are today may subconsciously be holding you back.

No matter how smart and savvy you are, you’re not going to feel like a businesswoman if your clothes are presenting the wrong image to your clients. Likewise, if you’re a new mom trying to fit into the clothes of your college days, you’re going to be hurting your self-esteem for no reason at all. You’re at a new life stage, and you need clothes that highlight who you are right now; it doesn’t make sense to be grasping at the high style moments of your younger years.

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