Faith Style Manifesto

1. Discover Your Own Truths. Satyameva Jayate. Seek the truth within, for that alone will provide you a path to the depths of your own being. Rich or poor, prince or pauper, everyone has to do this or stand humbled by time and fate. Seek it or get bewildered by the world around you. Merely floating around in the world outside can provide no lasting satisfaction. This world as informed to you by your five senses isn’t the whole truth. It’s just the first step in a long journey of self discovery. You have to master all the states of existence, and eventually knock on the doors of the deep silence within.

2. Know Who You Are. Style is the way you express yourself and fashion is one of the vehicles you use to show the world who you truly are. From an elegant bohemian to a sophisticated rocker. Tap into your core and unveil your true essence.

3. Get Naked.The discomfort you feel when you’re naked affects how you feel when you are dressed too. Before you can move as if you own the room, you’ll have to be at ease inside your skin. Spending time in the nude will help. Perfection is a myth. Aim to be perfectly flawed.

4. Wear Sexy Lingerie. Sometimes its what you put on before you get dressed that makes an outfit feel sexy and gives you a boost of confidence.

5. Don’t follow trends. Stay true to who you are and you’ll always look fabulous.

6. Buy What You Love & Wear What You Love. If you buy something now that you love, it will fit into your life, instead of following the trends and mimicking others. If your heart isn’t moved, leave it so something more incredible can make its way to you.

7. Fashion Your Own Path by Adding Your Personal Stamp. A signature is usually one element that is always incorporated into your look or outfit and is recognizably “you”. It transcends fashion. It can be a little bob haircut, a la Anna Wintour, that you maintain despite trends in hairstyle. Or it can be a certain pair of sunglasses (think Jackie O), a scent, a favourite pin, or even “signature” purple silk scarf (you may own dozens!). Or maybe you always wear an oversized cocktail ring or other special jewels with your outfit – maybe you always use a scarf as a belt for your jeans. Or you never leave the house without your diamond studs (real or faux) in your ears. You get the idea.

8. Less is always More!

9. Style is not a chemical element that can be simply discovered. Eternal style is a complex concoction of ideas, simmered on low fire and perfected over time. It is a result of an agile mind.

10. Express Your Own Love. In order for your signature style to reign absolute, you must believe it, evolve it and, most importantly, be faithful to it.

11. Yes, you can certainly label your style as funky or chic or traditional, but truly and honestly your Signature is YOU. Clothes change the way we feel, colours affect our mood but YOU are the one who decides on how you are going manifest that expression. YOU are the
ultimate secret; YOU are the signature in your style. There is no real secret recipe, faith and self-belief is the key to realizing your true potential.
Be faithful to your style. It is the most intimate reflection of your soul.

Carrie & Danielle’s Manifesto of Style

1. Communicate who you are in all you do. Consistency is power. When the various parts of your life reflect your essence, your life moves in the direction you want it to.

2. Style is multidimensional. Visual and sensual choices are driven by self-perception. Our image is a composite of our beliefs, history and desires.

3. Style matters. The design of your life can inspire or mire you. Every aesthetic and material choice sends a message to the world about who you are, and the world responds accordingly.

4. Authenticity is energizing, economical, and efficient. The better you know yourself, the clearer your choices. Self-awareness leads to true style.

5. Accentuate the positive. Give your attention to the best in you and around you, and the best will flourish.

6. People are like snowflakes – uniquely beautiful because of the details. To compare snowflakes is not very productive. Instead, celebrate what sets you apart, what’s most particular and true for you, and your own specialness will become clear.

7. Pay attention to what attracts you. One of the most powerful questions you can ask is, what am I drawn to? Working from the outside in can create deep transformation. Surface changes have the power to alter your inner landscape. (So yes, sometimes a new hairstyle or a work of art can change your life.)

8. Feel free to change. When you discover something true about yourself, put it into action, regardless of who you were yesterday.

9. True style is not dependent on wealth, and wealth does not necessarily create taste. Authenticity is not dependent on funding. On a budget or on easy street, you owe it to yourself to find a way to be genuinely you.

10. Cheap is expensive in the long run. Why buy twice when you can buy once? Commit to quality and it will commit to you.

11. Use your best every day. Life is too short to wait for a special occasion to bring out your finery, your treasures, your brilliance, and the best of your love.

12. Choose from your heart, and your life will fill up with things you love. What works is what feels right.

13. Beauty transforms. Its capacity to generate pleasure, healing, and connection is divinely powerful. Beauty affects its maker and beholder every time.

14. It’s always a good time to be yourself. And it’s never too late. Possibility exists all of the time, everywhere. You haven’t missed your chance to be your most beautiful.

15. Only love is free – everything else costs. Whether it’s with time, space, emotion, or earthly resources, we pay for what we choose. Be selective about what you need.

16. Creativity + restraint = beauty. Overdone style leaves little room for newness, appreciation, or reciprocity. Hold back a bit. Allow for breathing space. Trust in the power of subtlety.

17. Contrast makes things interesting. Too much sameness dulls the senses. Create a twist.

18. Living is sensual. Engage life with all you’ve got.

19. Make more choices – moment to moment, day to day. You are the designer of your life. Be selective, creative and intentional in every possible way.


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