Safina_HeadshotMy mission is to identify each person’s Signature Style, help them build an image that exudes confidence and is representative of their inner essence.

Safina Khimani, Founder & Style Coach

I have been in love with fashion since the age of 5. I have always been in tune with fashion and how to express oneself through clothing. I am passionate about helping women to find and express their authentic selves because I enjoy seeing the transformation and their true beauty shine through. I possess an extraordinary eye for the refined, sophisticated and beautiful. I am a style artist; creative soul and passionate entrepreneur.

I went to school for fashion marketing, merchandising + design which fueled my creativity + spirit. My work experience includes loyalty, marketing + building a kick-ass brand which has molded my business, my skills and my work ethic. My journey continues to foster beauty, faith, truth, simplicity + love.

Spirituality + Style = True Beauty. Spirituality is the discovery of one’s true self. I want to show you if you have faith in yourself you’ll always look fabulous. Style is everything. Fashion can be superficial but style is what makes it authentic. I work with clients who are ready, willing and want to discover their true beauty. Together we go through a series of exercises that forces us to look inwards vs. outwards when dressing and we then build a wardrobe that is authentic to our essence yet practical for each individual’s lifestyle. The ultimate objective is to step into the best version of ourselves.

Ultimately the inner + outer work we do together manifests into increased self-esteem, confidence, empowerment + a deep spiritual connection to your core (essence, mojo, spirit…you choose the word that’s right for you).

My company reflects my lifelong connection with style and spirituality.


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