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Creating a Perfect Brow

Beauty for this season couldn’t be any easier. One common denominator you’ll see with all designers Spring 2010 collections is the makeup trend. All have clean and simple faces, nude lips, smudged barely there eyeliner and the most importantly defined natural looking eyebrows. The unfortunate part is not all of us are blessed with the…read more

DIY Facial

Everyone deserves to be spoiled sometimes, and a DIY facial is a perfect way to do it! Not only do you look fabulous, you feel fabulous and you have that “glow” that we’re all looking for. The best part, you get some good quality me time that is definitely well earned after a hard week…read more

Living in McKenzie Towne

There are numerous dental health care facilities in Calgary. One of the finest neighborhoods with top-notch dental clinics is in McKenzie Towne. The dentists McKenzie Towne provides its residents are professionals certified in the health care industry.   About the McKenzie Towne McKenzie Towne is a residential district in Calgary, Alberta that is popular for…read more