I am a BIG fan of Kania; it is my version of sweats. Stacey Bafi-Yeboa is the talent behind this great Canadian Label. A luxury street style clothing line, using only the highest quality custom spun, custom dye fabric so that you feel ultra comfy yet look stylish and well put together. The Snuggalicious wrap (if you don’t automatically love it because of the name you will when you put it on) is my ultimate favourite, it’s like being wrapped in a warm cozy blanket on a cold winter day. All of Stacey’s designs embody colour which is great for the winter months when everyone is dressed in dark shades of black, grey and brown.

Stacey Martin

Stacey was kind enough to share her thoughts on my top three questions I like to ask to talented designers.

Safina: What are your secrets to authentic style?

Stacey: My style secrets are to wear colour, many people are afraid of colour and only want to wear black because they believe it is more slimming. Though black is slimming, a beautiful colour can really enhance your overall appearance. A great colour can bring out your eyes, and even brighten your skin allowing you to look fresh, rested and radiant.

Safina: What are your most favourite things?

Stacey: My favorite things … oh there are so many first off I love vacation! I love a sweet escape!  I am always in search of the next travel destination.  I love to explore new cultures, new food, fashions and music and I am a sucker for the sun and the beach!  Just tell me when and I will be packed and ready to go!

Dance!  The freedom of movement!  I love to dance; I dance when I’m happy and dance when I am stressed.   I grew up dancing, started ballet at the age of 4 and danced professionally for over 10 years.  I’ve danced in New York City in Saturday Night Fever on Broadway for 2 years, in various films, TV commercials for the Gap, Nike Leon’s etc.  So basically dancing is in my blood.

It’s the ultimate release pump … up the music and let go!

My ultimate fav thing is my husband!  I am so fortunate to have married my soul mate and my best friend; we’ve been together since high school! Growing up together he totally understands me we are so good together! I know it’s corny but he really completes me!

Safina: What are your new obsessions?

Stacey: Grapes!  I can eat them all day long!  So sweet and juicy it’s the perfect little treat!

Fashion obsession is to show your waistline.  For so long we’ve been wearing these long tops creating a box for a waist.  I am so happy that the waist is back in fashion!  I hope it stays that way.

Oh and I am a sucker for great footwear, boots and stilettos you can never have enough.  I great shoe can totally change an entire outfit!

Kania DressKania Wrap2

Kania Dress2



You can find Stacey and her fabulous line of clothing at the following shows:

Kania pronounced Ka (nee) a – is an Ashanti word meaning light. Simply put, Kania invites all women to be radiant!